Old Script Deciphering

You'll be surprised to see the final results.


Family History & Old German Documents.

Deciphering and translation service for old German scripts.
Sütterlin, Kurrent, Old German Gothic alphabet (also known as "old German hand" or "old German blackletter handwriting"), Chancery script or the Gothic printed Fraktur typeface, we have the linguistic knowledge and experience for the transcription of your old documents, letters, books and manuscripts.

The Sütterlin script was created by Ludwig Sütterlin in 1911 as a modern handwriting script. It started to replace the old handwriting Kurrent script beginning from 1920 in schools until 1941. Nowadays many people falsely call all old German handwritings 'Sütterlin’ when in fact the script is actually the “old German script”, aka “Kurrent”. This had been in use since about the 16th century.

Old German handwriting can be hard to read, let alone translate.
Many people own letters, postcards, certificates, court records, documents concerning inheritance or matters of genealogy or other papers which contents they do not know because they cannot read the writing. Often these documents of your ancestors will contain interesting news and valuable information. You might be surprised by what happened ages ago in your family and in the surrounding area.

● Let our specialized linguists work on your documents, translate them for you, and summarize them for you in English.

● A family history that needs to be told. A story that needs to be narrated. We make getting a stunning voice-over for it easy!

"If you don't know history, you don't know anything.
You are a leaf that doesn't know it is part of a tree."
Michael Crichton

What we decipher & translate

We translate the following documents into modern script and summarize them for you in English:

  • • Letters & Diaries
  • • Birth, Baptism, Marriage, & Death Certificates
  • • Academic Transcripts & Educational Certificates
  • • Family Histories
  • • Military Papers
  • • Emigration Records
  • • Obituaries
  • • Last Wills & Contracts
  • • Love Letters
  • • Post Cards
  • • Official Letters