German As A Foreign Language.

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I think all of us can agree that it really pays to be bilingual, however, foreign language study is surely not everyone’s cup of tea. Learning a foreign language alone in your home can be tricky.
However, a fully rounded high school education must include two full credits of a foreign language.

High School Credits

In general, a course that takes approximately a school year, or 120-180 hours of work to complete counts as one credit.
A course that takes approximately one semester, or 60 hours to complete, would receive a half credit.

Students are under no obligation to take the language credits at a particular time. Though, it is typically best to take at least two consecutive years of a language. If a student desires to be fluent in the language that they are studying they should consider 3-4 years of study in that language or some additional time investment.


German 1 — high school course, continued with German 2 and German 3.
Honors & AP.


Preparing student success · Individualized personal learning Plan · One-on-one attention · School on your schedule · Learning with less stress.

About Me

I am an experienced language tutor holding a M.Ed. in German, English, ESOL, with high school teaching experience for many years, and mother of three kids.
Your child will receive a well-rounded, personalized, and high-quality education in the German language.
Please contact me to get detailed information regarding the curriculum, course material, costs and further general information.
Helga R.-Honigfort