Professional Translations

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We provide to our clients translations on a highly professiional level for a competitive price within a fast and reliable turnaround time. We have the scale to manage large projects and the personal touch to manage the translation of smaller personal documents. Every translation is carried out by a qualified, experienced translator with profound knowledge of the subject matter and terminology, and then reviewed by an experienced proofreader. In addition, an editing for adherence to adopted style guides is performed.

Your Benefits

Native language professionals who are familiar with your terminology, context and topics.
Free in-depth client consultations.
Full project management included.
Quality editing and formatting service included.
Delivery within the agreed deadline.
Competitive pricing.

"Well done is better than well said."


Areas of Expertise

Through years of experience in providing professional translations, we have developed several areas of expertise, including:

  • • Legal
  • • Financial and Banking
  • • Personal Documents & Certificates
  • • Websites & Blogs
  • • Automotive & Technicalk
  • • Literature & Articles
  • • Marketing & Advertising
  • • Hospitality
  • • Medical & Healthcare
  • • Human Resources

Certification and Notarization

A CERTIFIED translation is a translation accompanied by a signed statement attesting that the translation is accurate and complete to the best of the translator's knowledge and ability. In some cases, a client may ask for a translation to be certified and notarized.
A NOTARIZATION is a declaration (affidavit) to the effect that the translation is a true representation of the original document. The certification and notarization of translations are routinely required for immigration and naturalization, academic, and professional purposes.

We provide certifications with signature and seal.

Layout and Style

EDITING of a translated text implies comparison of a source text with a target text and elimination of all identified errors. In some cases, it is necessary to completely alter a translated phase to better convey the meaning of the source text.
The implementation of a style guide tailored to meet the requirements of a specific translation project provides uniformity in style and formatting within a document and across multiple documents. Such standards include correct use of quotation marks, hyphens, text fonts, or proper names and abbreviations that should be left in the original language. When you translate content, you want to preserve the look of that content.
GLSAS specializes in FORMATTING your documents and web sites to match your original presentation, thus preserving your carefully designed format as far as possible.


PROOFREADING is the final step of translation quality assurance process, and it is carried out once text editing and final revisions have taken place. The main objective of the proofreading process is to ensure that the translated document is correct in terms of grammar and vocabulary, and ensuring compliance with a set of standards for the writing and design of documents applied by our translation agency.

Project Management

Translation projects are often complex and may involve editing, managing glossaries, frequent updates, revisions, and follow-up changes. With so many factors interacting in the translation process, project management emerges as the key element. Project managers have to plan, instruct, monitor, and control large amounts of data quickly and accurately, while facilitating the problem-solving and decision-making process during the translation project. In the translation profession, the greater the size and scope of a project the more important management gets, and though this management is not directly related to the act of translating, it is essential to the success of a project. In fact, a large-size project requires many translators, some of whom may be outsourced. This necessitates an optimal control of all the phases of and elements involved in the project.

Quality Management

Our dedication to quality is the foundation of our solid reputation the reason our clients return to us again and again. Our translations meet and exceed quality standards. We stand by all of the translations performed by our company. If you are not completely satisfied with a completed translation, we will fix it, free of charge, until it meets your full satisfaction. We are constantly monitoring the performance of our resources. Our quality control process ensures that the final product has outstanding quality and reads as if originally written in the target language.


LOCALIZATION is the process that provides translations finely tuned to be as understandable in your target market as at home. Different character sets and alphabets can complicate this process. Units of measurement must be accurately converted to avoid misunderstandings and errors. In addition, cultural references and metaphors that work in your source locale may not be appropriate elsewhere.

If you’ve ever had a conversation with a Brit or an Australian (let’s not even begin with the Irish) and you didn’t catch a word they were saying; then you’ll understand why website localization was born.

Website localization involves:

  • • Adapting content to international or regional audiences
  • • Ensuring cultural compatibility
  • • Adapting images, colors, and icons, where necessary
  • • Adjusting layout to accommodate content
  • • Conversion of units of measure and currencies
  • • Adapting local formats (phone numbers, dates, etc.)
  • • Complying with local legalization

Localization becomes increasingly important for product marketing (e-shops) and website presentation.

Related Services

RUSH translations with immediate turnaround times are becoming a frequent request among clients with time-sensitive documents. We provide rush translations - same day, overnight or weekend - without sacrificing quality or service.
Documents issued and having legal effect on the territory of one country can be used on the territory of another country only after their legalization in accordance with the established procedure unless otherwise is provided for by the legislation of countries or international contractual provisions which repeal the authorization procedure participants of which are countries. At present the most common method of this certification is the ASOSTILLE.
A surcharge per document will apply for theses services.

Document Handling

We recommend to upload your document(s) by using our submit-form on our contact page, or send your document(s) by email as an attachment, or if you prefer, to fax them to us. No scanner? No problem! Take a good picture of your document with your mobile phone or tablet and email it to us.
Please contact us in advance if you intend to bring your documents in person.


At a glance:

  • Step 1: Intinial client contact
  • Step 2: Submitting document(s)
  • Step 3: Evaluation, quote, turnaround time
  • Step 4: Confirmation, translation, quality control
  • Step 5: Delivery and payment

Pricing and Payment

Translation COSTS are assessed on a case-­by-­case basis. Our PRICING for translation projects is based upon several factors: The total number of words in the original document, the complexity of your subject matter, the language combination you need, volume of work, addtional services requested (e.g. notarization and specialized formatting of files), and by the client's particular time line (e.g. rush translation). Translation QUOTES/ESTIMATES are provided free of charge if an electronic or faxed copy of the documents is submitted. Once the document(s) is(are) received, we will analyze the file to prepare a proper cost assessment, estimate turnaround times and determine any other factors which may effect the translation process.
Please note that INDIVIDUALS and FIRST-TIME CLIENTS are requested to make PAYMENT in full at the time of receipt of the translation work completed. In the case of large translation projects, we request a DOWN-PAYMENT, and the payment of the balance due upon delivery of the translated documents. Upon receipt of the translated material together with the invoice, please check the contents and direct any inquiries.


Your privacy comes first. Documents for translation often contain proprietary information that must be safeguarded against distribution to unauthorized parties. Protecting the confidentiality of your information and ensuring the security of the documents you submit for translation are critical issues for us. We take our commitment to client confidentiality and security very seriously. Everyone with access to your information is bound by our company’s strict non-disclosure requirements. All documents are stored in a secure environment. All original documents are returned to the client. We use secure encrypted email messaging for the exchange and transmitting of documents.